Deneb - Declarative visualization in Power BI, using the Vega language

Getting Deneb

Getting Deneb

Deneb is currently in public preview and lots of things are still being actively developed. This site is under construction and the information in this page may be subject to frequent change, so please check often to ensure that you're up-to-date.

Because we're in public preview and it's faster to iterate outside of the AppSource submission and publish process, Deneb is currently only available for download.

It is anticipated that I'll be submitting to AppSource in Q4 2021, once the version 1.0 roadmap has been fully realized.

Download 0.6.0 from GitHub

Please be careful when installing custom visuals from unknown or unsolicited sources. I can assure you that our intentions are honourable but you should exercise caution around your data. If you have any doubts, then work with your admins to ensure that all the necessary checks and balances are carried out.

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