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Support Info

Firstly, thanks very much for using Deneb! I hope that you are able to use it to create some amazing visualizations within Power BI 😊

β€” Daniel Marsh-Patrick

Getting Support​

Deneb is released under the MIT License, is free of charge, and is open source.

Do you need assistance with a Vega-Lite or Vega specification? Do you require help migrating your specification into Deneb? We have folks in the community that are willing to assist you. Please keep in mind that these individuals are giving their free time. Consider the size of your request. If your requirements are significant, consulting may be more appropriate. If unsure whether your inquiry falls under the umbrella of "free assistance," the experts can assess feasibility and determine the level of effort involved.

Before you consider creating a GitHub issue

The issues area on Deneb's GitHub repository should be reserved for topics involving bugs, testing feedback, or feature requests directly related to Deneb. It is not intended to be a place to request assistance with respect to implementation.

The community experts are listed below. Before reaching out, please execute the steps under the How to Get Your Question Answered Fast section. Next, create a post on your chosen expert's preferred forum detailing your issue. Be sure to tag them.

How to Get Your Question Answered Fast​

Do some research​

Before posting in one of the forums listed below, be sure to check and see if someone else has solved a similar issue. Use the search functionality on Stack Overflow, the Power BI forums, the Vega-Lite/Vega GitHub issues section or Slack channel, etc. There is a high likelihood that a scenario similar to yours has already been resolved.

Come prepared​

When reaching out to one of the community experts, be prepared to clearly describe your objectives. Do you have a specific visualization in mind but encounter difficulties making it work? Outline what you've attempted and describe the desired end state of your implementation. Provide details on any known business rules. If you already have desired encodings in mind (color, size, proximity, sorting, etc.), communicate them. Be as descriptive as possible. Alternatively, if you prefer a more flexible approach and want the community experts to use their best judgment, let them know.


If you have a drafted Vega/Vega-Lite specification, please provide it. Additionally, offer cleansed notional data structured similarly to your actual data. If you possess a .pbix file with data that you are authorized to share, that's even better. Dropbox, Google Drive, and GitHub are just a few options for transferring files and data. Uploading these artifacts upfront significantly aids in receiving swift assistance.

More on providing sample data can be found here.

Community Experts​

Create a post with the details of your request and tag a community expert.

Contribution Areas:  D = Deneb VL = Vega-Lite V = Vega

β€Ž β€Ž

Want to be added as a community expert?​

Open an issue in the documentation repository and include:

  • Your name.
  • Your preferred method of contact.
  • Confirmation that you agree to our Code of Conduct.
  • Contact information.
    • For forums, please include the forum name and a link to your profile.
  • The areas in which you feel comfortable providing assistance. These areas include:
    • Deneb
    • Vega-Lite
    • Vega
  • Optionally, include a profile photo suitable for display on this site if you wish to have your image displayed.

Want to be removed from the list of community experts?​

Thank you for contributing to the Deneb community. We greatly appreciate your valuable time and expertise to help others learn and grow. Please open an issue in the documentation repository asking us to remove you, and we will take care of this as soon as possible. While we remove your photo and community link from the active page, this information will be visible in the site's version history in GitHub.