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Version: 1.7


Declarative Visualization in Power BI

Deneb is a certified custom visual for Microsoft Power BI, which allows developers to use the declarative JSON syntax of the Vega or Vega-Lite languages to create their own data visualizations.

This is similar to the approaches used for creating R and Python visuals in Power BI, with the following additional benefits:

  • Libraries are packaged with the visual, so no additional dependencies on local libraries or gateways for your end-users when publishing reports.
  • Specifications are rendered inside the Power BI client, rather than being delegated to another location, typically resulting in faster render times for end-users.
  • Built for the web, meaning that it's possible to integrate with Power BI's interactivity features, with some additional setup.

Starting Out?

  • Deneb is available in AppSource, and this is the most straightforward way of getting started and staying up-to-date with the latest versions.

  • You can use the menu to start learning more about Deneb and how to build visuals with the Vega languages in Power BI.

  • For community resources and examples, follow the Community link at the top of the page.