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Version: 1.3

Keyboard Shortcuts

Most operations in the Visual Editor have corresponding keyboard shortcuts, and a number are mentioned in their corresponding area. However, its always good to see them in one place!

Need A Specific Shortcut?

Please create an issue in the GitHub repo with what you're missing and we'll see if we can get it added :)

Editor Pane

Expand or collapseCtrl + Alt + Space
Navigate to Specification paneCtrl + Alt + 1
Navigate to Config paneCtrl + Alt + 2
Navigate to Settings paneCtrl + Alt + 3
Apply ChangesCtrl + Enter
Toggle Auto-ApplyCtrl + Shift + Enter
Repair and Format JSONCtrl + Alt + R
Edit Specification Field MappingCtrl + Alt + F
New SpecificationCtrl + Alt + N
Generate JSON TemplateCtrl + Alt + E
HelpCtrl + Alt + H


Deneb utilises Ace Editor, which comes with its own keyboard shortcuts and can help you quite considerably in-terms of productivity. Any Deneb-specific ones are detailed here.

Focus out to Command BarEsc

Debug Pane

Set view to Data PaneCtrl + Alt + 7
Set view to Signals PaneCtrl + Alt + 8
Set view to Logs PaneCtrl + Alt + 9
Expand or collapse paneCtrl + `
Zoom preview out by 10%Ctrl + Alt + Minus(-)
Zoom preview in by 10%Ctrl + Alt + Plus(+)
Zoom preview to actual sizeCtrl + Alt + 0
Zoom preview to fit available spaceCtrl + Alt + *